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Welcome to the new Kawakubo website


Kawakubo Sushi RevelstokeFollowing ten years of such dedication, Shinji made the decision to expand his horizons and further educate him self in the study of the English language. He decided this was paramount for advancement in the food industry and would greatly aid him in his dream of opening his own restaurant someday.

After careful research and consideration, he chose Revelstoke… a small, safe and friendly Canadian mountain community! He enrolled at the Revelstoke English Language School and after more than 2 years of intense study, hard work and making integral community connections, Kawakubo sushi-sake-steak was underway!
“I want my customers to feel the passion of my cooking and have my plates act as a window to my heart… the heart has room for everyone, can share everything, is ever expanding and searching for knowledge.”

“it is heart… it is Kawakubo”